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O2 staff compliment - how to?

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Had amazing customer service at Hempstead valley by a lovely young lady called Olivia , nothing was to much trouble , I up graded to a new phone and new case to protect my new phone which Olivia recommended and carried on with my insurance.
Her customer service was amazing !!! Nothing was too much trouble !!
Also lovely guy who interacted also but I can’t remember his name.
Oliva was so good I sent my friend dean up a few days after. To upgrade also.

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Re: O2 staff compliment - how to?

Hi @Syreeta 

What a great post. Thank you for telling us about your excellent experience with customer services. Well done Olivia. I will mention our community managers @Marjo and @EmilieT  and they can feed this back for you wink

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Re: O2 staff compliment - how to?

Good morning @Syreeta, and thank you so much for letting us know about you recent experience in store! It's great to hear you're so happy with the help Olivia provided, and I hope you're also pleased with your brand new phone now that you've had a few days to get used to it.


I'll send you a message to get a few more details, so I can make sure your lovely comments get to Olivia too Smiley Happy 


Thanks @Cleoriff for the mention!

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