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Network Status Alerts

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Just had a multi-day O2 equipment upgrade in the cell that covers my home and workplace, resulting in temporary degradation of signal level (non-existent to 2 bars). No complaints here, these things need to be done....


However, thanks to https://status.o2.co.uk/  and the very useful "My Network (Beta)" at least I knew about it in advance, and was kept updated, rather than left wondering what the hell was going on.


I would encouraged others to register for this - look for the button below on https://status.o2.co.uk/ 



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Re: Network Status Alerts

Thaks for the info @Projectionist  wink

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Re: Network Status Alerts

I've had texts previously without registering when they have been working on a local mast. This is without reporting a problem and when I've had no disruption in service. I did register my number and postcode around five years ago when I did report an issue though.

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Re: Network Status Alerts

Good to know you find this useful @Projectionist and @jonsie smiley

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