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No signal and poor customer service - promises never followed through.

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Morning all


Anyone else find the customer service from O2 really poor?


I have been reporting that the signal where I live has been unusable for the last year. Basically paying for a service I can't use. Which is a real shame as Ive been with O2 for many years and found them to be great when I lived in a city.


I constantly report to their network team (Via the website) there are issues with calls and data. They send texts saying we are looking into the issue which I believe are simple automated messages, they eventually inform me that they have fixed the issue, usually after a couple of weeks of no activity. Followed by another text, usually although not always, within a few hours of that resolution text message, saying the network can get busy in your area and data speeds may be affected! I can still not make a call or use mobile data.


If you look on the network coverage checker it always says I can get good 4G outdoors in my small village in the countryside. I beg to differ O2! It never works and others in my village suffer the same issue.


This is an on going viscous circle of reporting between the network status website and myself. I can never make calls when outside walking in my village and data is none existent. I can only make calls when on wifi either at my house or a friend's house in the village.


I eventually got sick of this never ending farce and started calling customer services.


Ive made many calls and they say oh the network team have been trying to call you but can never get through! Really O2? I wonder why!  So much so I have taken out a sim only contract with EE alongside my O2 contract. Which is more expense but at least it works.


On my last customer service call (27/11/2023) the advisor apologised and said I have credited your account with £100 as an apology and stated both the network team and the complaints team would call me on my EE number to discuss the issue within 5 working days.  


It is now the 7th December and no one has called and I can't see any £100 credit applied to my account via my O2! Yet another set of lies!


It appears no one ever follows through on promises at O2.


To top off all these issues the billing department have started making errors over the last few months - the bill amounts have been correct but they haven't taken the direct debit correctly from my bills account.


I found out on the 27th November when I tried calling customer services that my line was restricted due to none payment, I  was directed through to someone to take the payment and gave them my card details and they took payment without issue. I asked, why haven't you taken the airtime payment alongside my device payment? To which they replied, oh it sometimes happens! Why? You take payment for the device without issue from the same bank details - how can you make an error with the airtime bill which is configured against the same direct debit/bank account!


Overall Im finding the service from O2 to be appalling, promises never followed through, actions never delivered and lies every time on phone calls.


Ive asked to be released from my contracts as I can't use them, they tell me they can't without massive early termination fees, Im 12 months into my contracts.


Id just like to send my phone and watch back, they can sell them on as refurbs and let me out of this useless contract without cost.


Alternatively - can a forum admin help me get some help with these issues please?


Look forward to hearing from you.


King regards







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Regretfully, no one from O2 is going to read this post as all O2 agents were removed from this community July past.

Many of the long term customers on here will recognise what you say but we can only offer sympathy.

You could make an official complaint, probably won't get you far, but it is the first step towards the communications ombudsman

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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Hi Enlli


Thank you for replying and your advice.


Well that's just wonderful news - get no service from O2 either the ability to use mobile calls and data or via contact with customer services and now they have removed all the o2 agents from the forums. That's just amazing.


Ive written an email of complaint, let's see if they help me. Otherwise its off to the ombudsman I guess....

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Complain via Resolver :-


How to Complain | Help | O2


They have a reputation for facilitating satisfactory outcomes.

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