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Customer Feedback

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Just wanted to say thank you again to Will in customer service line. Regardless of my mistake he still helped me instead of being like most of the customer service agents they just passing you through to different people and you have to explain to them again and again and again... until you get fed up. Every one should follow his example. 5* customer service.

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Re: Customer Feedback

Great to hear @Erikas and am pleased you found such a helpful advisor.


@EmilieT, @Marjo, @Martin-O2  over to you smiling

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Re: Customer Feedback

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Good morning @Erikas , and welcome to the forum Wave


It's so heartwarming to hear about your experience with Customer Service! I'll happily pass on your feedback to Will and his team, I'll just need a few more details to make sure it gets to him. I've just sent you a Private Message to get those, and in order to read and reply to my message simply go into Messages at the top right of your page. 


Thanks @Glory1  for the mention thumbsup

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Re: Customer Feedback

I wanted to leave feedback about a member if O2 staff at the Stamford store.
Phil is beyond helpful and is always willing to negotiate the best way of doing what I need from my mobile phone contract. I have been using Phil at the Stamford store for many years, and will keep returning to him because I know he will look after our needs. I have a contract and so do my children and father. All because Phil has arranged everything for us.
He really is an asset to your brand, and I will not take my business elsewhere whilst he is still working there.
Totally honest and helpful.
Thanks to Phil 👍
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Re: Customer Feedback

Hi @Mic6771 

Thanks for your lovely post. I'm sure our community managers @EmilieT , @Marjo  @Martin-O2  will be only too pleased to make sure your feedback is passed on to Phil.

Welcome to the forum by the way Welcome

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Re: Customer Feedback

Hey @Mic6771 it's great to hear that you had such a good experience in the Stamford O2 store! I'll pass on your feedback to Phil. smiling Thanks for taking the time to feedback and welcome to the community! 


Cheers for the mention on this one @Cleoriffcool

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