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credit file affected due to £18 bill , no letters sent

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switched from carphone warehouse to tesco last june 2012 {HusbandS contract}

phoned to check if he owed outstanding bill, reply was no.

last week 21/2/13 phone call of debt collecters saying he owed £18 and had defaulted. not through carphone warehouse but network supplier o2.

equired and was told they dont send letters , as my preffered contact method was text/voice alerts. one snt back in july/august last year which i didnt recieve

now our credit file has gone red due to default from august 2012, always been green, no missed payments etc or direct debits.

aked web chat address for complaint, told i can not complain as no longer customer and time elasped.and she didnt have address to complain and they dont have access to it.

disgusted no letters sent from aug to present date, funny how debt agency got hold of us straight away though, saying i owed £18, as i took it from carphone warehouse my balance was zero.

disgusted with this and will never use this company again, waiting till my contract runs out and swithing suppliers asap.

has affected my credit file and all because they admitted they havent sent letters

i now await my compliant outcome.

any replys appreciated , been ill with worry, defaults stay on credit file 6 years etc and dont understand why carephone warehouse said zero balance but i owe 02 network .


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Great to hear that you're sorted bingobetty and thanks for letting everyone know. Also, thanks to those who have offered help!

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