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How should we improve announcement on phone releases and software updates?

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Hi guys,


Over the last few months, we've had several discussions about how we announce phone releases and software updates. Because we'd like to improve these announcement in a way that works for you, I'd really love to hear what kind of improvements you'd like to see.


So, please keep it constructive and I'll see what we can work out slight_smile




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when there's a major release such as the next iPhone or s4 etc, make a special section just for that release so as not to have tons of threads over all different sections of the forum

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Difficult one, people like dates, so if you give a date it has to be the right one.


There are many models in the online store now which can be duplicates, so whether or not one is the 4G version is important and must be clearly seen.


As we've seen in the forum colours can also be critical so if a new phone is coming publishing these too will help.


Software updates shouldn't be announced until a date for the download is virtually guaranteed.


With the iPhone 5 release it should have been made clear that the stock was coming via CPW and all models would be locked to the first network they connected to.

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Put your splash screen (if you must) and the standard O2 apps (TuGo, My O2 & Priority Moments) into the standard OE firmware and release it. Don't spend 6 months "Testing for a great customer experience" as the OE has done that already and your apps ain't gonna need testing because anyone with open firmware can download then anyway..... I would (almost) consider a contract phone if this was the way it worked slight_smile
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The communication of this should be consistent and in one place. Comming soon or similar page.


I wish all manufacturers would take the stance of apple and not allow any network bloat ware to be added to the handset. Then all software patches would be available to all without testing by the network. (make the manufacturers ensure it works on any network)

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For up and comming phones the layout and communication seems to be just fine.


In terms of software updates I think linking it to the "comming soon" page would be the best idea.


Possibily having a short list of the most common devices and there current / potential software updates and then a drop down selection for other less common devices.


As mentioned previously reception to O2's custom software is always negative, people simply do not like waiting and it often is only met with resentment.


The line "it needs to be tested to ensure we offer a great customer expereince" says nothing in my mind, as Apple can release what ever shoddy half attempt of a software update and there is little impact on customer experience and an even smaller impact on sales of the deivce.


The software is tested by the developers, then the manufacturers, skip out the last step and there will be a huge win for O2 with customers getting the updates as soon* as they can.



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It would actually help if everyone at O2 knew what was giong on. I emailed yesteday asking about the updated Blackbrry Z10 software. It was released yesterday after my email. I then had this reply today:  "I understand your concern but I'm unable to comment when this particular OS will be available with us. However, I'd request you to please keep a
track of our website for the same."

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Current status


Have a definitive list of models and their software status, and ensure all O2 employees know where to find it. This would also be fairly easy to add to the Support section of the website. The recent Z10 issue showed that different answers were being given to the same question across the business.




Many customers also visit phone specific user forums etc, and will be aware of new updates and the fixes and facilities they will provide. O2 should be proactive in communicating how and when the update will be implemented. If release is to be delayed through testing etc, simply provide a reason.




O2 is proactive in communicating Priority Moments through multiple channels (email, SMS etc). A similar approach could be used for manufacturer specific advice / information news etc. While it would be up to the customer to subscribe, it would be up to O2 to ensure currency.


Anyway, that's my twopennyworth, hope it helps.


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As an addition to GoatsBreath comment about communication - since o2 know the imei and its linked to a specific phone then it should be a simple case of texting that with a message saying a software update is available.


Like the old XDA range, this type of page would be ideal if its kept up to date.


Agree with others - only post that an update is available when it is available perhaps on a locked thread pointing to said download page. Locked as the thread will be hijacked. Though it would be good if after x amount of months, a simple "no further updates planned" or "update being tested" is posted on same thread. Keeping it to 4 or 5 simple lines to let people know where in the test cycle it is would be good.

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Agree with software updates shouldn't be announced early, example, they announced iOS 6.1.3 10 days ago & it hasn't been released yet
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