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Why can’t customer services do there job

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Phoned customer services now 4 times to be told the same thing over and over !we are escalating your issue (nothing gets done) I’m lucky if I actually get data when I’m on a 5g sim .my o2 app does not work. 4 calls since 14th may  

I keep getting told we are looking into it we are sorry ! I’m paying for a service that I’m not getting you are in breach of contract so get it fixed . I would like a manager of 02 customer complaints to call me asap please .02 used to be a great company service was great. If you had an issue sorted with a call !

I think I would get better reception on a Nokia from 1992 !!

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This is a customer to customer Community there is no one from O2 who will read you post 

We can only refer you back to O2

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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O2 are not in breach of contract - have you read the Terms & Conditions that you signed up to when you became a customer ? 


If you have issues with your data, these might help :-


Guide: How can I sort out my network issues? 


Guide: Is the network down for me or everyone? 


My Network App - Find Out More About Your Network Coverage | Apps | O2


A complaint about this will not move you forward, but if you really want to submit a formal complaint, please post again (below) and I will point you towards some material that will help. 👍 

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