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Time waster customer service liars

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I logged a complaint over 8 weeks ago , how do I know it was that long  ive just had an email at 02.11am and I’m very unwell and have a long recovery and sleep is very key to help my body rest and I’ve spent 50 minutes typing my complaint and situation for it to ask me to log in and then my message had disappeared .


to summarise as I’m angry about this now I signed up for a sim only as my data plan was up ( I really wish I’d just got elsewhere as this is a joke ) the deal was with the 150gb data and free texts and calls and came with 6 months Disney plus and even on the call I was like that’s going to be great as I’m housebound and decided to go with this plan for that and the. £100 prepaid Mastercard… I have got the text on my phone to claim the card and I did it and it accepted the details amd then clicked submit and it just went back to the first page . 

I have made a over a few calls about this and  it’s on the ticket I’ve got the reference number on my phone and glad as it’s nowhere in the email and I’d probably be told we lost it or you I didn’t even complain.


ive said I really need the prepaid card as I lost a lot of weight nearly 5 stone and I had no summer clothes that fitted me so I would of used it to buy clothes as they’re a necessity ! I cannot live in warm jogging bottoms and jumpers ! I’ve had to get money from my dad to be able to get just a few dresses and some other clothes  it was a deciding factor along with the Disney  to stay with 02 and well until the wrong leave date text I had I. January I had no bad word to say about 02 even praising them on social media when people said how nobody communicates and well they were right 


the second part was I applied for an Apple Watch  and  said Ina call to the sales team are they the same price a online and on the phon and she said yes so I put a order in and a bit later had an email from 02 saying it had gone to the credit risk team and they would call me within 24 hours and I looked on here and it’s just to make sure I can afford it and it was fine I called up as they  did call me and it’s a muddle in my head due to brain fog - but it’ll be on the complaint  but the Apple Watch was accepted and when it went to go back through to customer services it cut off and so they didn’t process it , the next call a few minutes later they insisted on putting me through to the retentions tea, to get a better deal and I stressed to them I’ve had it accepted and so it just needs to be authorised or whatever happens and they put it though again , more than once so I be,wove there were 3 maybe more applications and I said to them to just cancel the others out amd send fhe one that was accepted and they saiid they cannot do that .


i said I’m genuine and it was 02 who messed up not me and I don’t commit crime .


they raised a ticket and I dint know how many of them are there as nobody is addressing these toe issues . I’ve been told the watcher applications will be removed from my credit file but it can take 30-60 days and I’ve lost track of how long it’s been 


all the agents know I’m disabled and the main reason for the watch was in case of falls and they tried to get me to apply again even and I said no way. 

Sometimes when I’ve rung and said I’m calling to check my complaint status they put me through again to retentions who told me it will be over £500 to leave and I’m not even able to do that do that when I’m moving soon and I  need to furnish a whole flat .


in this email t says I can go to the communications ombudsman but I’ve really having a hard time amd I need further surgery and 02 claim they are a complaint that helps people with disabilities and imhad to change my number due to nuisance calls and it was done pretty quick but the agent I’d spoken to in the date I called to sort that I spoke to her about these two things and she said someone would call me and documented it but again nobody has and that was in march I be,rove.


all I want is to have the prepaid master card and the resolution properly with the Apple Watches as I wasn’t able to get one elsewhere as if would of shown up is applied for multiple .


I have the number on the bottom of the email and I really don’t do well on the phone due to poor mental health and I’m not going to sign up to the access for you scheme as I’m not having more issues and they dint really fit my needs anyway .


there has to be a way around these issues or a direct number to management as the customer service agents they have no clue what they’re doing 


I was also told by 02 to call the master card prepaid thing myself and I said no because I don’t even have a reference other than the claim code as it won’t be that anyway 


I will be taking this further with the ombudsman one day as it has caused me a lot of undue stress, wasted my time and also made my pain worse as I have nerve damage which when stressed that happens 


I’ve never been able to get the chat thing to work and it’s always a small screen even on my iPad.







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@Polly5678 Unfortunately once things are with the complaints team customer services can do nothing until they have come to a resolution.


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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