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Support is absolutely hopeless. Can't wait to change provider

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My Data went 2 weeks ago now while in the Lakes. After finding out there they were 'trying to upgrade' the area and was an outage I had to cut my vacation short and head back over to Northumberland where we live as I require constant email access for my work. Having arrived back in Northumberland and having cut the staycation short by 4 days I could not get data in this area either. On reporting this I was informed this area, 2.5 hours drive away from Lakes was also under maintenance and so no Data there either.

Now two weeks later, still no Data, lost a fortune on my vacation and a fortune from not being able to stay up with work unless at home where I have wifi to keep checking.

The support has been nothing short of awful and now I understand the only compensation we'll get is maybe the days we've been without data added. Tis outage without offering any alternative has cost me in all around £2000. 

Almost impossible to speak to anyone within authority at O2 and the Chat is useless. Never experienced such rubbish service from a provider and will absolutely be moving my family away from O2 as soon as I can.


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It's the same as everything else in this technological world, it requires maintenance. We're always told not to rely on mobile data & have a back up. Not much help I know but I'm not sure you'll get much more sympathy from O2 either.

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Wasn't there any wifi anywhere?

Personally, I'd insist on actually having a holiday, by staying out of touch with work.

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