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O2 Warning

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This is honestly the worst company you could ever even try to get a contract from, whoever reading this who has not already been bound into a stupid contract with this company PLEASE please please never trust them with your money and never even try to buy anything from them.


Tried to purchase a pay monthly device from them last week 

Paid an amount upfront, then put my details for credit check but was unable to checkout as their website is hopeless 

Was eventually accepted for the credit check but as their useless website couldn't let me checkout - so the order wasn't shipped

Okay, annoying but sometimes it happens

Spend 4 HOURS on the phone being transferred 15 times with different people all of incompetent department to try again

Was then trying to get another order done over the phone with an absolutely horrible wait time, paid upfront and then they rejected my credit after tanking it just a few days ago but not letting me complete the order, absolute joke and they haven't said whether i will even be able to get my upfront payments back even though they are so incompetent they can't get a phone done for me.

if you have just bought a contract, please please please get out of it, this company will NEVER honour their promises and will constantly try to pull wool over your eyes. 

Please don't make the same mistake as me and never even think about ordering from this company, save your money, time and dignity as they have absolutely no respect for it.

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Your upfront payment will be held by your bank as pending. When O2 don't call on it the bank will put it back into your account.

The reason for the rejection is likely to be two credit checks back to back

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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Would be great if their website wasn't completely useless and their customer service didn't hold me on the line for about 2.5hrs slight_smile also on the topic of the upfront payment they are holding it as 'credit for my next bills' acting as if they are ever going to need hundreds of my pounds for contract i can promise to god i will never enter.
Reiterate what i said before, any new, unsuspecting customers please never interact with this company in a serious manner, you are better off trying to use your old phone/ a flip phone from the 90s 

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The problem is that all four UK mobile network operators have similar standards of customer service ; in a recent "Which?" survey, there was very little to choose between them, the results being average across the board !


That presents an issue unless you decide not to have a mobile 'phone at all ; you are likely to get similarly mediocre levels of customer service irrespective of which network you use :-


Tesco Named Best UK Mobile Operator in Which? 2024 Survey - ISPreview UK


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