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Positive upgrade experience

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Obviously the forums here because of their nature have a lot of posts of negative feedback and the community do a great job and try and help whenever possible. At the weekend I went into my local O2 shop and upgraded from Sim Only to a new device 150G plus switch up plan. It was a pleasant pain free experience so thought I’d share it here. 

it was the Falkirk O2 shop I visited on Saturday and when I went in it was pretty busy but the manager (I presume) was very friendly and said that the wait time was currently 90mins and if I was going to be in town for a bit they would text me when I was next in the queue and took my details. I went and done rest of my shopping in town and grabbed some lunch. I got text just before 2pm saying I was next and if I could head back to the shop, which I did. When I entered the manager greeted me and told me to go over and take a seat and Steven would be over in a minute for me. Steven, as soon as he came over was very informative and helpful and put me at ease as I was a little worried about upgrading due to having an eSIM and I’ve read a lot of horror stories, but he put through the sim transfer on his system and said I’d just need to go into the my O2 app on new phone and it would prompt me for the sim install which worked perfectly. I was impressed at how quickly it was all sorted and dealt with.

I got my contract with 6 months free Disney plus which I was worried about how easy it would be as already an existing Disney plus subscriber but instructions were easy to follow and worked straight away. I also qualified for a £150 prepaid Mastercard which I got simple instructions on how to claim it emailed to me later that day and got confirmation once I claimed and when I should receive the card. 

So it was a completely smooth pain free upgrade and I’ve had plenty in the past with Vodafone and EE and rarely do these things go well for me without some kind of issue or panic. So I was impressed especially with my experience in store.

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Really great news, @H3LLCAT505 - will tag @Dave-O2 who may be able to get your kind words back to Steven and the manager of the Falkirk O2 Store 👍🏼

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Thanks for the tag @pgn 


@H3LLCAT505 i'll make sure your comments are fed back directly to the store 👍

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