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Is the forum broken again ?

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I can't get rid of Unread posts.....tried under the Options drop down and logged off and on again.

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@gmarkj wrote:
Sorry to mention this again, but the unread posts link is still not working for how to guides.
There were new posts on the cancelling your contract how to from yesterday.
Clicked on the link in unread posts and got taken to the first page (the guide itself) instead of the unread posts (as you would with all other parts of the forum).
Is this still on the list for issues or does it need raising again @Martin-O2 @Marjo?

Same here @gmarkj. So time consuming scrolling to the actual post made...confused

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Hey @gmarkj@Cleoriff This was raised with our platform provider who have identified it as a bug. We're waiting on a fix but unfortunately I don't have an ETA on this as yet. I'll keep you both posted with any news as I know it's a frustrating one.

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