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Customer Feedback

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Hey gang, I hope that you're all well.


I'll cut the story short, in my area I seem to generally get poor 4G coverage and terrible speeds on 3G. I was fed up of paying for data that I was struggling to use so finally decided to call cancellations with the intention of demanding a charge free cancellation. Which ofcourse is very tiring and becomes almost like an argument usually (as does it when you try to cancel contracts of any sort based on broken terms/promises).


However to my surprise, I never even had to enter any sort of tiring dispute of the sort. Simply put, I only briefly described my experience and stance whilst mentioning a new customer package (with lesser data) that I saw, which I would have been happy with. This wonderfully interesting lady spent some time looking for said package and offered it to me.


During the process I had the most intriguing conversations, it wasn't like how most people try to talk you down, these conversations were abundantly genuine and I cannot help but tell O2 that they are very lucky to have such a human on board. The word human doesn't sound like a compliment I know but in a world full of people who have forgotten how to be human, it certainly well is a compliment.


I actually feel right now that this was the best customer experience I've ever had, it's a rarity to be saying this especially with my somewhat awkward and autistic ways. I left the phonecall not just with my problem solved but with the refreshment of feeling a lot less alien than my usual self.


The beautiful soul I spoken to was from Retentions and her name was Jessica C. I would be honoured if the O2 gang could show her some appreciation.


Peaceful wishes to you all ✌️ 

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@Wod I will tag our admin who will contact you for more information.

@Martin-O2@RafaC, or @lewys-gp can you please assist?


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Thanks for the mention @Bambino!


@Wod It's great to hear that you had such a positive experience with customer services. I'll contact you privately so I can get some details and pass on your feedback to Jessica. 

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