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Bad credit due to O2

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Hi, i really hope someone can help me.

In 2017 i upgraded my phone and they sent me a sim card with this.  I did not ask for the sim and never used it.  In Octomer 2018 i cancelled with o2 to have another account with another provider.  I paid all what was owed and had no other account showing.

January 2019 i receive a letter from MoorCroft debt recovery asking me to pay £58 for an o2 bill.

Long story short, they have charged me monthly payments for this sim card, i have never used it OR received any bills from them.  When calling o2 about this, they have no idea and say i do not have another account and am fully paid.  I didnt pay the debt but carried on trying to find out whay i was billed.  I eventually got a letter through the post which was not on headed paper, no number or address and was just a scan off the bill.  All it had on it was the months that i had not paid and 0 minutes used.  Basically they were charching me for the priviage to have the sim that i did not ask for.


I am applying to work for the post office and recently looked at my credit score, its VERY POOR and after checking on Experian, this is why.  O2 have ruined my chances and i am deperately trying to sort this out.  Do you know how i can take this further to get this bad credit rectified.

I am desperate and this is my future ruind if not fixed.


Many Thanks



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Hi @ikr and thanks @jonsie for tagging me in.

Sorry to hear about what's happened. I'm going to drop you a private message here on the community shortly and get a few additional details. I'd like to get someone on our end to look into this for you.


Also just to add - have you already been in contact with the Credit Referrals team to query this previously? In case they already have the details so I can get them to look into it. 

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