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Alarming O2 recycling practices (screen burn in)

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Having had a new device in the past week, I decided to go with the o2 recycle option as this knocked a great amount off the monthly cost.

Fast forward to today, I had an email stating that due to screen burn in, my advised amount of £80 would now be £16.


Now although no used phone will ever be mint, this was as close to it as is possible - had always lived in a case with a screen protector, even had the manufacturers sticker on the back and genuinely not a scratch on it. There was not even a hint of screen burn - and I mean, as I was entering the details of the phone into the site, I even checked by testing the calibration to see if it showed anything that could have burned into the display over time. Nothing. Which I was pleased with, as I even thought at the time that would be a deal breaker.


I email the recycle team stating that I am now very concerned as this device had no burn at the point of sending this, that I would need proof of this and that I would have to invoice o2 should any damages be found on its return to me. I followed this up with a call to their helpline (really helpful person advised she would send it for a re test).

I have just had an email that the device is fine and the full £80 will be credited.


I am guessing at this point that screen burn in is the go to to con buyers from their previous device at a much lower rate. So just to be clear - if you receive this email with a lower amount due to burn and you know your phone is as good as can be second hand, make sure you challenge it.

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Standard practice which has been going on for years!

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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@Matt182 One of the more common reasons O2 Recycle uses to screw customers is 'water damage'. You'd have been better off taking it to a CEX or, in fact, any other recycling company other than O2. Would have saved yourself a lot of time and effort, and probably would have gotten you more for your phone than you were offered.


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This isn't unique to o2 as some others will tell you.. 

CEX also use sharp practices as well on devices, once they have tested the devices, as do Music Magpie, and any other companies linked to Ingram Micro and others..... 

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