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O2 and Facebook OTP

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My name is Terry and I am new to this forum. I have been transferred to O2 from Vodafone recently.

A couple of weeks ago Firefox did a browser update and all my links vanished on my menu bar.

I set them all back up again with the exception of Facebook, which just wasn't playing ball.


I have tried many times but can't get in there. "We have sent you a passcode" lol. I have seen this message many times too, but no passcode ever arrives. (to my email or phone)


A Facebook link shows who in which country supports a One Time Passcode for

people to use on a Facebook logging in issue.

Great Britain shows O2, Vodafone and Cable and Wireless with the number to text 32665.

My messages don't get delivered so maybe this is incorrect.


I have texted OTP to 20202 with no reply.

I have emailed O2 support etc but no reply. I seem to remember filling in a support form online too.

Facebook sends updates to my email address but I can't log in. Try to many times and it's a 24 hour  lockout

or something.

I have read the guides and followed the suggested links on here, trying to fix this - with no luck.


Please does anyone have any ideas how I may be able to progress this.



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Hi @TerryT Is the phone number you are using to request your OTP the one registered on your FB account?

Have you gone through all the suggestions here to recover your account ? Recover your Facebook account if you can't log in. | Facebook Help Centre

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We are a community of customers and cannot access your account.
To contact O2 click here for O2 Social Media Links
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Hi Spenny, thank you for your reply slight_smile


I have just sent 30 minutes explaining in detail how I have tried and followed everything on Facebook help links. When I clicked post reply I was asked to log in, although I already was lol. Filled in user name etc and nothing happened (it wouldn't though as I was already logged in)

Clicked back and lost the lot 😞

So in a nutshell I have tried and O am even Temporarily Blocked on this link

My phone number wasn't ever used as a I.D. method on Facebook - just my email address.

As I mentioned I get email updates from Facebook daily (Who posted what pic / comment or whatever)

but I never get the OTP code their system says is coming to my email address.

I was under the impression O2 would either text me a OTP code number for Facebook login purposes,

or would email it to me instead.  I don't know the inner workings of this OTP business but O2 are listed as a company who do this.

I have sent numerous emails to support addresses but never get a reply.

I am totally stumped 😞


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