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Re: Scam J1 Media please be aware

I've also recently fallen victim to David Flood, director of M1 Media Ltd mobile 83463 scam costing me a total of £162 because I've not checked my O2 bill since the first charge appeared on 23rd March 2018! To my horror, I've neglected to check each month's bill until last week. 


His scam must be on an industrial scale because I was advised by O2 to text STOP to mobile 83463 when reporting this to them. O2 immediately gave me all the company contact details including business telephone number, company name and website reference before I emailed contact@J1media.net to claim a refund of the charges. David Flood replied from his email david@J1media.net and acknowledged the cancellation of the charges on 21st Dec 2018 but refused to return the total charges (£162) since 23 Mar 2018. He also produced a string of my actions below showing I had accepted his scam:

"I can see that the user of the service has:
 - Clicked an advertising banner (which contained the service cost)
 - Clicked a further 3 buttons consenting to the charges
 - Been sent the cost of the service when you signed-up (by SMS)
 - Been sent regular reminders that they were subscribed to the service (every month by SMS)
 - Been given the opportunity to cancel the service at any time (every month by SMS)"


He had failed to provide any evidence supporting those allegations and replied with the following email:

"Thank you for your email.  Please request your solicitor to contact me directly and I will forward correspondence on to our solicitor.

Kind regards,
J1 Media Customer Care
0330 058 2628
He is obviously trying to scare me off by this strongarm tactics. This convinced me of issuing a county court summons against him as detailed in your entry. Thank you.
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Re: Scam J1 Media please be aware

Managed to catch it within minutes of it happening and got in touch with o2 customer support. Will be reporting it to ico, but I'd strongly suggest that you report it on www.actionfraud.police.uk. I've just done so and it's free. Unless this individual is listed he'll move onto the next thing.



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Re: Scam J1 Media please be aware

I have had same issue. With £18 being taken from my account for a Learn German app I never subscribed to. Reported it to O2 who advised i send stop message to 83463 and call J1 Media 'customer service' on 033005538774 - only to get curt recorded message "all services related to that mobile number have now been cancelled" before being cut off. I have emailed David Flood who is the sole director of J1 Media (registered office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX) via David@j1media.net informing him I will be taking further action unless i get a full refund and compensation within 7 days. Lots of optons including ICO, small claims court etc. O2 tell me they will also pursue company for refund and advise me of outcome in 5 days.

This is criminal activity which needs to be stopped. It looks like lots of people have been victims of this scam meaning all those £18 fees will add up to a not insignificant number.

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Re: Scam J1 Media please be aware

@RichG61 you can join in with our petition here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Discussions-and-Feedback/Premium-rate-services-petition-to-O2/td-p/118...

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