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Keep my old number

Good evening;

Last week I called talk talk to have other offer for sim card than they branched  me with o2 staff and I take new sim card than I received it last Saturday when I activate this sim card I found it with other number and my old sim card which is with talk talk still  working,  I called  talk talk staff  and they advise  me to contact you  and tel you that the Pac I have a Pac code and I want to keep my old number.


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Re: Keep my old number

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All you need to know about keeping your number is here https://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-sims-and-devices/how-to-keep-your-mobile-number


Switching from another network to O2

Requesting a switch

Before we can transfer your number, we'll need your PAC. This is a code made up of three letters and six numbers. You can get this from your current provider and it will be valid for 30 days. Let us know your PAC when you place your order.

Once you've ordered and received your temporary O2 number, fill in the keep my number form. Your temporary number can be found in your O2 confirmation email or sim pack. You'll also need the number you want to keep.

Forms sent by 5:30pm will be completed the next working day. Forms sent after 5:30pm will be completed within two working days. You'll receive two text messages, one to confirm the date of your switch and one to remind you on the day.

Make sure you save the contacts on your sim before the switch. If you need help saving or restoring contacts from a sim, you can book an appointment with an O2 Guru.

On the day of the switch

You'll need to be in the UK when your number switches.

On the day of the switch, your current sim will lose signal. When this happens, put your new O2 sim in your phone. If you don't have an O2 signal, switch your phone off and on every couple of hours until you get a signal. If you still don't have signal by 6pm, contact us.

Texts and picture messaging can take up to 24 hours to work after the switch.

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Re: Keep my old number


Must mention here that you are NOT talking to O2 customer services. This is a community forum made up of members like yourself.


If you have any issues then please contact customer services here


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Re: Keep my old number

Good morning @123 and welcome to the forum Wave I hope the information @Cleoriff shared above helps you sort out your number but please do let us know how you're getting on!

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