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Facility to Play Recorded Message But Disable Voicemail?

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Hi Community,


I've been issued with a company phone on O2, which I am now required to use for business purposes.  I don't like voicemail, so my personal mobile plays an OGM (OutGoing Message) I recorded, but voicemail is disabled.  I spend most of my working day in Microsoft Teams sessions or meetings with customers and/or colleagues, so I'd like to do the same with my O2 phone, i.e. provide callers with my business email address in an OGM and ask them to email me instead, to schedule a call.


I've just set up the O2 Call Alert service, so I receive an SMS when I miss a call, but that plays a canned O2 message, encouraging the caller to send me an SMS, when I'd rather receive an email.  I realise that this all might sound as if I'm being a bit fussy, but what I'm after here here is no different to what I currently have available on my personal mobile and I don't think it could really be classed as rocket science.  Is there a way of doing this with O2?


I saw a post from around 2008, which said it wasn't possible back then, but that is over ten years ago, so I would hope that the facilities might have improved a bit since then.


Any help/advice around this would be very much appreciated.


Kind regards,



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