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iPhone 12 - eSIM - Unable to SMS text

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I have switched the SIM from an Android device to an eSIM on the iPhone 12 and can make and receive calls to my O2 number. The SIM slot of the iPhone is taken by my work number.


When I try and text from either SIM I cannot. The texts remain unsent, not delivered unless I iMessage from my work number or send a text between the two numbers on the phone.

I have:

- Rebooted the phone.

- checked my numbers are correct in Settings --> Phone --> My Number --> Personal

- Checked that Send as SMS is enabled in Settings --> Messages

- Checked for updates (none available, iOS 14.4.2)

- Looked for settings in Settings --> Mobile Data (No carrier settings available)


Default line for voice is business, data plans enabled for both lines, Wi-Fi calling enabled for both lines, send read receipts off, MMS messaging-enabled (MMS texts are also not sending). Tried with wifi on, off, business line off, business on. Frustrating to say the least and also trying to get anyone on the line at O2 (unless you are buying something) is almost impossible.


Any help from anyone would be appreciated.


EDIT: I have checked Settings --> Data Plans Personal --> Mobile Data Network (APN settings appear correct)


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So, I think I fixed it...

Soft reset of the phone worked.

Enable airplane mode.
Quick press volume up then down then press and hold the power button until the apple logo appears.
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Ahh ScorpioTaz, that's great news and thank you for sharing that.


I'm glad to hear you were able to sort the issue out and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.


Have a great day smile

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