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Verification Calls

Hi, I'm having an issue with my Bank of Scotland mobile banking app where I have entered my username, password and memorable information and I am given a 4 digit verification code to enter when I receive an automated call.  However, when I click for the call to come through..it doesn't which means that I am unable to log into my online banking (I can use the desktop site but its pretty inconvenient).  I contacted the Bank of Scotland Internet Banking team for assistance but they are saying that calls are being made and that it must be an issue with my phone.


Has this happened to anyone before?  Does anyone know how to resolve this?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Verification Calls

@KerriMulvey  Have you checked your phone to see if you've inadvertently blocked the number?


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Re: Verification Calls


Can you opt for a text message instead?

That's how I get my verification codes and they come through fine.

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