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No service after upgrade to iphone 7

Hi, I have just upgraded from the iphone 6 to iphone 7. My new phone has been all set up using itunes and I inserted the new sim card but it is saying no service. I was just wondering if this will set up over 24 hours or whether I need to do anything to the new sim to activate it.
Both iphones use the nano sim card so can put my old sim into the new phone and it'll still work or do I need to use the new sim? I'm on a slightly different tarrif so not sure if they'll be the same?
Thanks! πŸ‘πŸΌ
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Re: No service after upgrade to iphone 7

It should just update on O2's systems & all you need to do is put your current sim in your new phone. Any problems call customer service

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Re: No service after upgrade to iphone 7

The new sim is just a blank spare if needed.
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Re: No service after upgrade to iphone 7

Great, thank you! I checked my o2 account and it has been upgraded to the new tariff so I will put my old sim in the new phone! Thanks for the help :-)
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Re: No service after upgrade to iphone 7

Hello @Anonymous

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Re: No service after upgrade to iphone 7

Hey @Anonymous how's the iPhone 7 compared to the 6? Smiley Happy I'm tempted...

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