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Iphone 7 deliveryy

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Hello i take it everyone is getting this text now.

Hello. We're really sorry you haven't got your iPhone yet.

There's been a market-wide delay in receiving stock. We're working to get your new iPhone to you as soon as we can.

New updates:

We've prioritised your order and we'll be in touch on Tuesday at the latest.

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I ordered at 9.05am on the 9th. I didn't receive any email or text regarding a late delivery.
I got an email in the evening of 16th saying that it was on its way.
I still won't receive it until Monday 19th though due to Sunday being no delivery.
Problem is that I'll be at work and they won't change the delivery to my work address which is a dpd ship to shop drop off and pick up point.

It's a waiting game but nothing I can do until the end of Monday 😕

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I guess we'll all just have to wait till o2 actually realise what they're doing. Typical tho I read this happens every year, I couldn't tell as I just joined after being with ee/orange for past 5 years

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Glad people are getting texts. What about the folks like me, who are without a phone lol. I've not even had an email. There's a good reason CPW will have stock, most people with sense know enough to steer clear of them, their CS is shocking. I remember taking a Sony Ericsson back in 2010 because it was faulty, the joker on the till tried to tell me they only offered a exchange on faulty items lol! Errrr nope I'll have my cash back. And o2 refresh only applies directly from o2 it's the very reason I stick with them I switch devices frequently so it's perfect for me.

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I feel really sorry for those who pre-ordered their iPhone 7's on the 9th. I was debating whether to upgrade to the 7 or wait till the 10th anniversary model which I have a sneaky feeling Apple may release early next year possibly June to coincide with the release of the first iPhone.


But in the end I went online at about 16:30 and ordered a 128gb iphone 7 in gold, I received the usual txt's and emails and at about 21:30 got a txt from o2 to say UK Mail would be delivering my phone on the 17th along with the tracking number, in the morning I got a txt from UK Mail to say my delivery is scheduled for between 12 - 13:00 and at just after 11:30 it arrived. 


I'm not sure if issues relating to stock are because people want one of the new black or if it's gb, I did notice when I was online that the 32gb in any colour and the 256gb were quoting 2 weeks in gold,silver or rose gold but the 128gb seemed to be available as long as you didn't want either of the black colours. 



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fourqtwo (formerly cis01 until username became 'inactive')

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I am one of the few that have not had any updates from o2 either.

Which has been very frustrating!


I have just been told by online chat team that my iPhone7 Plus (128gb - Black) order will be with me by end of next week because i ordered on the 9th.

But then they followed that message up by saying about the "25% extra data if not received in 21 days" offer.

I really hope they have not resorted to outright lying!?


Maybe there is hope for anyone that ordered on the 9th also.


I can only play the waiting game for now. 😞

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I guess it's just time for us all to wait, they'll take our money. But not inform us of any changes. Shocking tbh but what else are you supposed to do.

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Hi @Toby


I recieved a confirmation email for my order at 8.30am on the 9th. Order is showing in "My Orders" but havent had any other communication about it. 


The expected delivery window was still by the 16th when I ordered, although by the time it actually went through it may have changed.  Why would I not have recieved a text telling me my order was delayed?



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Yep, same issue here. Ordered on the 9th and told I would receive in 2 weeks. I order the 256gb 7plus. No update whatsoever and I was told by someone on chat that I would receive an email with dispatch details on 20th... that didn't happen so after speaking to an advisor today I've raised a formal complaint and will get it escalated. I feel completely let down and like I've been lied to twice. Once at the point of sale when they said I would get within 2 weeks and again by chat advisor who said I would get an email when I didn't. To make matters worse nobody there seems to be able to tell me whether the 2 week estimate started at the point of order or on release date. My assumption was point of order but it wasn't explicitly stated either way. I feel like they were quick to take my money but have been very poor in communicating where my phone is and when to expect it. Imagine if it was an amazon or eBay order... it is totally unacceptable.