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o2 appalling customer service after iphone 7 upgrade

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I hope your all excited to get your brand new iphone 7 on friday some of us are less fortunate and still waiting for o2 to rectify order issues last friday.


Abit of a long story but hopefully its a warning to others never have any problems with your account or this may happen to you !


I ordered the iphone 7 plus last friday which meant i had to pay off my current contract and pay an upfront cost in total of 429.99. During this process the website crashed so the 429.99 was set aside by my bank and is awaiting o2 to collect the money which they never will. FF afew hrs and i was told by o2 CS that payment would be refunded in 24hrs this later changed to 72hrs. After the 72 hrs had lapsed on monday evening i contacted o2 via  202 and was informed by CS rep X who said it was 72 working hrs whatever that means. He did speak to o2's back office whoever that is and was told the order had been placed but because of the 1.2million orders o2 has had for iphone 7 that it would take afew more days  for the payment to be taken hence the payment pending situation. He told me to phone on wednesday if it hadn't appeared in my order section. FF to today and after contacting o2 and finding no such order had ever existed i contacted my bank regarding the missing 429.99 i'm none the wiser each one is saying the other needs to send emails with payment information authorisation codes account numbers etc before the pending charge will be taken off. I was given a date of the 19th september where it falls off automatically although since then i've been informed it could be 5 days upto 10 in certain cases which is 19 september.


I also got a reply from the complaints department where they offered a 10 pound rebate on my next bill as an apology although the orignal complaint didn't include any of the ongoing problems and misleading statements given by members of o2 CS.


So this is the end of my story i'm loathe to accept the 10 offer i've been on the phone to my bank and o2 for over 2 hrs today and contacted o2 by phone and online late last week and earlier this week for afew more hours.


An upgrade should not be this difficult and should be seemless for the customer i shouldn't be penalised when the o2 website collapses and i shouldnt be told false information by numerous o2 CS reps. I will also be out of pocket due to this debacle and i don't think i should be as i've done nothing wrong other than to trust o2 during the upgrade process.  

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Re: o2 appalling customer service after iphone 7 upgrade

What o2 have told you is correct, as your bank wont accept the claim from yourself without the merchant saying they are not claiming ther funds, this isnt o2 been funny buggers but your bank want to protect themselves. It's the same as paying for Petrol at a Self Service Card only pump, where the initial £1 takes a week to reverse. 


Unfortunatley this is the way the banks have set up the payment networks, and refunds and reversals take longer than the actual payment.. 


I would suggest asking o2 for the authorisation code, and your bank should cancel it there and then, if not raise a complaint with your bank.. 

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Re: o2 appalling customer service after iphone 7 upgrade

already asked for that no authorisation code according to o2 

merry go round continues 


Customers should not be penalised for IT failures for any company

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Re: o2 appalling customer service after iphone 7 upgrade

This happened to me your bank will refund after 14 days automatically - I went mental going in banks and ringing customer services - this has happened to me twice and both times was released back to me after 14 days

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Re: o2 appalling customer service after iphone 7 upgrade

The day after i contacted my bank regarding the pending charge it was released i think that was just conincidence they did say in the conversation i had that it could be upto 10 working days unless o2 contacted them with the info requested. 


o2 wanted me to jump through hoops to get this information sent to my bank i just gave up after spending hours on the phone no one tried to help so lesson learned try not to have to contact o2 as they won't help lol