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Resolved! Multiple emails

Apologies if this is a double post as I typed it out before logging in then it disappeared. Hoping it's not hiding in another thread.My gmail and hotmail accounts are sending out multiple emails for each one I send but only from my iPad, no problem w...

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Resolved! Lost 4G after ios9 update

Hi I have an iPhone 5S and last night did the update to ios9. All went ok, phone worked well on home wifi, thought no more of it. Went out this morning and realised I had no cellular connectivity. I could make calls, and send texts, but when I tried ...

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Resolved! Iphone Sim swap or use old one

I have just got my new Iphone 6s plus, I have a question regarding my sim card. I received notification yesterday that my account is now on my new iphone tariff. I have a nano sim card in my current phone, so should I just put my existing sim card in...

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Resolved! Unlock phone

have new phone as mine broke need phone unlocking for my O2 sim 

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Zoomed view on Wallet (iPhone 6S)

I got my iPhone 6S, and just been getting it setup. When I add anything to my wallet, its zoomed in so much. I thought maybe I had the display on zoom, but checked this in the settings, and its normal, but when I change it to zoomed, the view in wall...

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Resolved! O2 Open

Work for NHS and got code and it worked but was told by O2 shop could pass code to 4 members of family is this true?

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Resolved! Iphone5 and 4G

Hi guys I wonder if anyone can help me please? I have recently been given an iphone 5 but cannot connect 4G. Can anyone advise me on how to connect to 4G please? ☺

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Resolved! ...

Hi guys , I ordered mine last Friday, still no email from o2 too say it's been dispatched etc , I'm panicking as going on holiday tomorrow

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Resolved! Voice calls

Since updating to the latest iOS I'm having trouble connecting voice calls on my iPhone 5s. Has anyone git any solutions. Thanks in advance.

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