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Faulty phone 4 months old

I purchased a iPhone 7 in Feb and tonight the screen turned white and it won't change. I have tried turning it off and resetting it but the white screen won't budge. If I take this o2 will they replace it there and then as its only 4 months old?

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Re: Faulty phone 4 months old

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@Anonymous O2 will not replace. They will only repair it. I suggest going to Apple who will get it sorted for you in warranty 



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Re: Faulty phone 4 months old

O2 only replace if inside 30 days
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Re: Faulty phone 4 months old

Apple are definitely your best bet. My son had a similar problem when his phone was 7 months old. Screen went pink and pixelated. He rang Apple, they repaired it within 2 hrs at no cost to him.

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Re: Faulty phone 4 months old

Apple all the way. If you send it away with O2 not only will be you without a phone for a while, they will find a reason to charge you (water damage being one of the favourites used).

If you do choose to go with O2 then please ensure you take photos of your phone to record the condition before you send it