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Re: Delivery expectations for iPhone 7?

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I've just noticed the kind offer in your auto-signature... I'd love to a review of the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB in Jet Black. Once I've completed my review perhaps I can keep it, and you can keep the one I ordered at  9am of the 9/9.


I would like to thank O2 for the fun and games, I've had when talking to your representatives over chat and 202

  • first, you have stock, and I'm allocated one (aren't I lucky!?)
  • Then there's no stock,
  • Then there is stock, but only for those who ordered on the 9th - to which I pointed out I did order on the 9th. 
  • I was then told to ring 202... which I did!
  • I was told I should get my phone within two weeks and to check this link for more details http://www.o2.co.uk/help/pay-monthly/iphone-offers
  • this lists some phones as short of stock .. but not the phone I've ordered.

'We are still in shortage of the following models:

  • iPhone 7 JET Black 256GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus Black 128GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus Black 256GB'

I pointed this out and was then told local stores may have stock of the phone I've ordered. Unfortunately, no-one in any O2 store want pick up the phone when I ring it (kinda ironic) so I can’t check… but suspect I’ve been spun a line again!


I’m out of contract and a high usage customer, who easily exceeds a £100 a month. All I want are regular updates and ETAs (the last email I received was 09:04 on 9th Sept) and reassurance that home deliveries are not being prioritised over ‘click and collect’ deliveries. Currently, if one of the other big providers gets iPhone 7 plus stock before I get mine I will look to move. Very sad after over 10 years with O2.


Thanks for listening



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Re: Delivery expectations for iPhone 7?

ordered IPhone 7 Plus 09/09 @ 9am 32gb black.

Just got email, text and everything to say dispatched and will get tomorrow.

After nothing since pre order am very happy.

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Re: Delivery expectations for iPhone 7?

My Iphone 7 Plus 128 Mb Matte Black has been dispatched for tomorrow! At last!!

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Re: Delivery expectations for iPhone 7?

Ok, so to update, got another text of doom today for an iphone 7 256gb jet black ordered on the 9th.


I had, had enough and cancelled my order, jumped on carphonewarehouse site, placed same order with a lesser upfront cost, and phone will be delivered on Thursday!! (29/09).


Justy shows O2 are inept, a real letdown and glad I cancelled.  For anyone pondering cancelling, I would definitely check CPW for availability, you'll get your iPhone alot quicker, and no, I have no affiliation to CPW!


Peace out

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Re: Delivery expectations for iPhone 7?

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iPhone 7 128 got dispatched today and have tracking code for it. Hope it doesn't take too long now Smiley Happy