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Delivery expectations for iPhone 7 PLUS?

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Seperate thread for 7+ customers to update each other.

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After numerous online chats and phone calls to O2, I finally found a sensible customer service agent. She has a look at my account and then said she would call the order allocations department to see what is happening.


She took about 4 mins and came back saying O2 have not received enough stock from Apple to fulfil all pre-orders on Day 1. She then asked if I got a text saying sorry but my delivery was delayed and I said no I only got two emails saying my order was being processed - one on the day of pre-order and one yesterday afternoon.


She said if that was the case, they may still have my phone in teh queue for delivery but no guarantees. She said she would email the relevant department about my order and call me back within an hour or so with the answer.


Even though I would still be discappointed if I am not getting my phone yet, I give top top marks to this customer service rep for treating me like a human being.


I ordered an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black so maybe the worst possible one to go for!


I will update this when I know more.

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So someone from @Anonymous is watching the threads - i think. Just been upgraded a level on my community status, but it might just be an autobot.


My iphone 7+ 128GB Black is booked for click + collect 


Current order status: in progress 😞

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Order Type: Upgrade

How Ordered: Online

Delivery Type: Click and Collect

Model Ordered: 7 plus Silver 256GB

Date Ordered: 09/09

Time Ordered: 8:30am

Time Confirmation Emails Received: 8:50am

Delivery Expectation Set: 23/09/16

Email of Death Received: None and no SMS


Was happy with my expectated delivery date until my bro ordered the same model for home delivery at 17:30 and he had his delivered at 9:30 this morning. He also had a Rose Gold 128GB Plus ordered at the same time and delivered at the same time too.

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Black 128Gb ordered at 8.29. New customer - nothing on my 02 at all, no email confirmation and no delay text/email either!! I want to cancel because of such poor customer service but am trapped as if may mean I would have to wait even longer!!!
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Order Type: New Customer

How Ordered: Phone

Delivery Type: Post

Model Ordered: iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black

Date Ordered: 09/09

Time Ordered: 0845

Time Confirmation Emails Received: 1051

Delivery Expectation Set: 16/09/16

Email of Death Received: None and no SMS
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I just looked on O2 website and the 256GB black model delivery estimate is now down to within 5 weeks. Yesterday it was up at up to 6 weeks...progress, good on you @Anonymous :dance-smiley03.


Rung every o2 store within a 20 mile radius (about 30), some have select iphone 7 models in stock, not one has an iphone 7 plus in stock!

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From reading across other network forums, there seems to be a chronic shortage of black and jet black models, while rose gold and gold are in a better supply.


Conflicting stories at O2, whilst other operators seem to have a much clearer understanding of whose orders will be delivered today, and which ones will be delayed.

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Order Type: New customer

How Ordered: Online

Delivery Type: Click and Collect

Model Ordered: 7 Plus, Jet Black, 128GB

Date Ordered: 09/09

Time Ordered: 08:55

Time Confirmation Emails Received: 09:18

Delivery Expectation Set: None

Email of Death Received: No email or text

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i ordered a 128g jet black plus and have had no texts or emails from o2 mad after speaking to 4 different agents and getting 4 different answers i don think i'll see my phone till october and i ordered just after 8:01 am i have now complained to o2  and have emailed watchdog. 

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Wow thats the best CS help in a long time for O2 - keep us posted.

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