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Data usage



In under 2 days of mainly being at home in wifi zone I had the 80% of data used (600mb) text warning (this seldom happens to me and if it does its at end of the month)


I contacted 02 chat going through some settings and it is now under investigation which can take 5 days.


3 hours after contact with 02 I had the all data used text but I hadnt been outside the wifi.


 I hardly use my iPhone at home anyway as I have an iPad (wifi only)


I darent buy a bolt on as the data is just going. Any advise?


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Re: Data usage

My advice would be to turn off mobile data completely when connected to WiFi.
This will stop any data leaks.
However, you are the third person today to ask about the same issue so I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't an issue with one of o2's systems.
It's worth getting back onto CS to see if they will give you a bit more data for free to see you through to the end of your month.
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Re: Data usage

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Check if Wifi Assist is turned on.  If it is, turn it off.  This setting allows iPhones to boost poor wifi signals by using their 3g/4g, which might result in your unwittingly using your data allowance for app updates etc if your broadband drops out for a while.  Might not be the issue but definitely worth checking.


To turn off Wifi assist go to Settings, then Mobile Data.  Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see the WiFi assist switch.  If it's green it's on.


It might also be worth checking which apps are allowed to use mobile data.  It's in the same place in your settings as WiFi Assist.  Apps like iPlayer, YouTube, etc can eat up your data.


Finally, under Settings>iTunes and App store, scroll down and check the switch for 'Use Mobile Data' for any automatic updates, so no new music tracks or apps end up being downloaded using your allowance.