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Re: Apple Watch

@OllyG wrote:
Ok many thanks for the reply. Bit baffled though. So “officially” O2 has never said yet they will launch the Apple Watch range, but unofficially??! Don’t have a chat transcript to DM you with as it was a tel con to 202 Customer Services (as I stated) from my iPhone XS Max. If it helps, the call took place last week on Friday 5 April @ 15:48 for 8 minutes when I was informed the Apple Watch range was due to launch in Q1 2019. With Kind Regards.

Sorry for any confusion caused - to reiterate though, there are no current plans to range these but if or when that changes, we'll let customers know.

I've sent you a DM, as I'd like to follow-up internally with the advisor you told you otherwise.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Re: Apple Watch

Good news everyone, the Apple Watch Series 4 is now available with O2! 


You can read all about it here  Smiley Happy

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