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4G Coverage with 02

Hi, I have been an 02 pay monthly customer for many years and am coming to the end of my current contract- I plan to upgrade to an iPhone 5 with my next contract but am aware 02's 4G network take longer as EE has the jump on that one. However I have also read that the current iPhone 5's will not work on 02's 4G network once it is rolled out. So not sure which option is best now- change to EE and get an new iphone 5 that will work once my area gets 4G coverage or wait and see when 02 will get 4G coverage to my area and also when a new iphone 5s is released that will be supported on 02's 4G network.

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Re: 4G Coverage with 02

Personally I'd wait for O2. I have an EE contract (my work provided phone) and I have it diverted to my O2 phone most of the time as I have no signal in all but one place I work in Smiley Sad
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Re: 4G Coverage with 02

You could always keep your current contract on a rolling basis until the new phones are released (expected q2 2013)

EE have an awful lot going against them at the moment in terms of 4G its really not worth the hassle in my opinion yet.
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Re: 4G Coverage with 02

I concur with Liquid.

Plus our friends across the pond report some are turning off Lte due to battery drain.

Nice to have faster Internet but its of no use if the unit dies due to no juice !

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Re: 4G Coverage with 02

Also highly pricey data which is putting people off too

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Re: 4G Coverage with 02

I moved from EE to O2, lots of reasons, they are plugging EE and 4G extensilvley and charging more for it, and unless you live smack bang in the middle of a major city you wont get 4G. By the time the coverage is increased the other networks will have caught up. An i really have no need for such speeds, after all theres only so much room on the motorway no matter how quick you drive!