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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

@Jaycr wrote:

I wonder why O2 seem to be satisfied with being last/nearly last with their updates. 

I'm not picking on you specifically Jay, but to everyone - I just wanted to quote and start with this particular comment...

To be clear - we're not "satisfied" that others have an update out before us. What we are satisfied with however is knowing that when our update lands, it will work as expected and anticipated for our customers, with them being able to call/text without issues, get on the internet without APN troubles, make 4G/Wifi calls and have a great experience, and not have their phones shut down on them or make their experience of using it a poor one.

I'm not saying those things will happen or be an issue for other networks, but what I am saying is that every network uses different systems, technologies and solutions. That means that while one network may have found no issues during testing, that does not apply to all networks. I will re-iterate once more that our team are working on making sure you get an update that works smoothly and provides a positive customer experience. If that adds an extra day or so here and there, so be it - we wouldn't be happy at letting you receive an update that crashed your phone, or wouldn't make you let calls, and we expect the majority of you wouldn't either.

I'm sorry so many of you are upset at waiting for this update but trust me when I say we want it in your hands as much as you do. I have no further update to share from my last one here, but will let you know if & when I hear any news.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

So you are suggesting that open firmware might be an issue on o2 also Chris?
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

@Chris_K Thanks for the belated reply, however "If that adds an extra day or so here and there" - really?? Vodaphone UK have had the update since 12th March, 3 the following day.  That's more than a day or two I'm afraid and it sounds like you're nowhere near a release.... What is so special about the O2 UK network that they are weeks behind the rest of the world?  I think what would really help in this situation would be an ETA, e.g 'we're aspiring to release the update by the end of the month'.  It also sends out a very bad message to the people involved, i.e. take as long as you need to and never mind the customers!  If you hit issues so be it but this constant 'it will be ready when it's ready' attitude is what is really putting people's backs up, not to mention the heavy marketing O2 and the other carriers are presently doing for the S9/9+.   As I said in an earlier post if you cannot provide the information being asked for who can?  It's time someone took ownership of this issue.

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

It's certainly not an issue with open market Pixel phones on O2 @MI5. The updates have been timely, even when there was an O2 specific security update in January, the delay was not significant.

And I must re-enforce what @Chris_K said about sufficient network provider testing. Google Pixel Community Boards are littered with MMS, texting, mobile data, APN issues etc for many users particularly on a couple of the US based networks (Verizon, AT&T....branded and open market). Which heavily suggests inadequate testing of updates on their part.
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

[ Edited ]

RE: The guy from O2 who just posted that absurd excuse. What you're failing to realise is that the Samsung Oreo beta has been available since September 2017 and O2 haven't been testing it? That's a the biggest load of B.S I've ever heard. It's absolute laziness on O2's part. No wonder there are so many people leaving your network. Android P will be released soon and I hope by then all of your non Apple customers have jumped ship to a proper network who appreciate their customers. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are still 2 of the flagship Samsung handsets and therefore should be a major priority for your network and customers. Your reply is nothing short of irritating and uneccessary. Certain basic expecations have to be met in order to keep your customers and your reply falls well short of any acceptable customer service. A one year old handset is not being supported by O2. That should be criminal.

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Well said!
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Right, @Chris_K has said that O2 are still working on it, that means when they've finished it has to be sent back to Samsung for approval. Basically we're not getting anything this side of June. Might as well flash Oreo at this point and when O2 decided to pull their fingers out flash theirs when it arrives. (Although by then a working Android P for S8 will be in the wild to flash....)

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

I flashed it myself a couple of weeks ago and has been working fine. I dont understand why o2 were not on the ball with testing.


I appreciate Samsung have a close working relationship with them but this should make it simpler, not how it is.


Im really enjoying my first none apple phone for 8 years but this software update has been so so painful compared to a IOS release

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

BTU landed a couple of hours ago. Fingers crossed for movement soon
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Yeah can see the BTU firmware is avaliable for download.


Im on the Germany DBT one.


I assume O2 so be landing quickly. I see that EE havent got theres release yet though either