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Razer phone

HI, just wanted to know if the Razer phone will be available on o2 on monthly contract.

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Re: Razer phone

Only one here who would have any information to either of your queries would be @Chris_K from the O2 Social Media Team.

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Re: Razer phone

You can also keep an eye on the coming soon pages https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/coming-soon
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Re: Razer phone

The Razer Phone is exclusive to another network, I'm afraid.

Unless you've already considered it, I'd highly recommend looking into the OnePlus 5T. In terms of raw performance, it has the same performance specs as the Razer Phone, and has a larger display and on paper at least, a better camera capable of taking better photos in darker conditions. It's also from a company who now has a few years of experience under their belt in tweaking the software to provide a great user experience, whereas with the Razer Phone, it's new territory for a company that's used to making gaming peripherals and laptops.

To be clear, I've no experience with the Razer Phone - it might be brilliant - but the above points may be worth considering.

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Re: Razer phone

As Chris has pointed out, the Razer handset has an exclusive deal with a certain other network. The moderators might be upset if I informed you it was Three so I won’t !


Whilst there’s nothing wrong with the Razer as such you have to bear in mind this is a handset manufactured to fill a niche market ie online gaming. It has plenty of raw power, a 120hz screen, terrifying loud speakers and superb graphics but this is all in pursuit of gaming. When it comes down to listening to music, using it as a regular phone, taking photos and other things most regular users do the Razer is adequate but not the best. 


The suggested One Plus 5T is an excellent alternative for the reasons Chris stated.


But another alternative is the Sony XZ Premium, IMHO a phenomenal cost-effective and somewhat overlooked option. The HUGE beauty of this handset is the future proof capabilities it has regarding potential O2 network changes and improvements. So if O2 introduce MIMO technology, gigabit speeds, new 4G bands etc  then the XZ Premium will be able to keep up with all of them this side of 5G. Other benefits like a staggering screen, good battery life, a decent camera, excellent on board DAC for music playback are also there. 


I have my money where my mouth is on the XZ Premium. 


Finally I would advise if you’re going to acquire an Android handset then make sure you get it from O2 because to obtain the maximum O2 benefits like 4G calling and WiFi calling it needs to be O2 branded.