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Nexus 6P red flashing LED

Phone shut down during a call.


Has been charging via USB into laptop during the day (presume it was fully charged).


Battery charging indicator does display very briefly (approx every 20 seconds) before the LED flashing resumes.


Any ideas as to what could be the issue?  I do have a wall charger at home but have had no problem charging via USB in the past.


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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

have you tried it with a different cable or usb port?
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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

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Only have the one cable here with me (the very short one supplied with the phone).


Tried all three USB ports on the laptop.


If I unplug the cable and press power button on the phone the red LED lights up once and then goes off (happens every time power button is pressed).

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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

@Anonymous Sometimes if you charge something via a USB on a laptop, it can go into sleep mode then the charging will possibly stop if you don't keep the laptop screen active, it may have gone into sleep mode & stopped the USB lead from charging. 


My my suggestion would be to charge it up with a wall plug overnight first before sending it for repairs 


do do not send it to o2 repairs, send it to the manufacturer 

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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

It does sound as if you may need a new usb cable. Try charging via the wallplug as mentioned by @Anonymous

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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

It's either a dead battery or a crashed bootloader.
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Re: Nexus 6P red flashing LED

can you get to the fast boot menu 


phone off 


volume down and power button at the same time 


keep them held until you get to fast boot menu


using the volume up and down to select options and power to select 


you can factory reset from here