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Emergancy Calls Only

Hi -- I have got "emergancy calls only" on my new LG X Screen.


I've tried rebooting, taking the sim out but nothing work.





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Re: Emergancy Calls Only

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Hi @smilely440 Could you check your network status here https://status.o2.co.uk/ If that's ok then it sounds as if your phone has been blocked.

Have you paid your bill?

Either way you need to contact customer services via this link. (Either borrow a landline or use live chat)


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Re: Emergancy Calls Only

You say new LG so have you activated your sim?
If an upgrade you can use your old SIM card if it fits or do a sim swap here if not
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Re: Emergancy Calls Only

Hey @smilely440 How are you getting on with this issue? Are you still restricted to emergency calls only? 

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