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Re: Use your UK bundles in Europe!

@MI5 wrote:
I just watched the Three commercial on TV and it states "60 Destinations" (not countries) and lists them here http://www.three.co.uk/feel-at-home

@MI5  - As I stated above, Three has disclosed only 53 destinations (8 of which are bogus). Can you find 60 destinations on your above link? I can see only 53.

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Re: Use your UK bundles in Europe!

I've been holding on to see if o2 would do something about the diabolical roaming data speeds but from what I've read here it doesn't look like its going to change.

It's a real shame as I've had no other issues with o2 in the 3 years I've been with them. I travel abroad several times a year and it's frustrating having to find Wi-Fi constantly.

The fact that o2 don't offer 4G roaming is poor but the fact that they throttle 3G after such a small amount of usage is simply pathetic.