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Community Recap: April 2022

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Hi everyone!


April was a pretty busy month on the community, so much so that @lewys-gp came in the extra time to score a magnificent goal with the Easter Week event, which had so many lovely, fun and interesting topics on it.  


Furthermore, we have a brand new board! If you haven't already, go and check it now, it's already been populated with many interesting topics and discussions.

We may have missed one or two highlights, so if that’s the case, let us know by commenting your personal favourites!


Amazing Content Created by You

The Games 👾


White Room Quiz Mon 18 April 2022 Easter Edition

The popular WRQ had a special edition to fit in the Easter Week content and received unanimous appraisal. @Mi-Amigo  made sure that the questions were all Easter related, which made this special edition one of the best!


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 106

Double-bill highlight for @Mi-Amigo  on this month’s recap as the WHD editions continue to be very beloved by all members. I for one really like to partake in whenever I can slight_smile


[GAME] Easter Word Scramble

@lewys-gp  and I prepared an Easter-themed special edition of the highly sought-after Word Scramble game. The only downside of it was that we couldn’t think of many Easter related words difficult enough to unscramble, but we think that those who have joined enjoyed it nonetheless.


The Laughs 


Easter Week Jokes

A set of some of the finest Easter laughs one could possibly get, the lighthearted laughs were guaranteed in another special week of events on our community thanks to @Bambino .


Movies to watch over the Easter weekend

Okay, I know this is not exactly aimed at making other members laugh, but it’s in this session of the recap due to its joyful characteristic, albeit @Martin-O2  did made me laugh with his honesty about not being able to find a great deal of decent Easter movies to watch.


EASTER BREAKFAST ~ as it used to be

I guess this topic led us all to drool rather than laugh, but the heartwarming memories brought to us all by @TallTrees  did put a smile upon my face.


The Discussions


Use more to listen to the radio?

A simple but rather enjoyable question was posed by @Luke30 : what do you use more to listen to the radio? It was great to see how differently some members like to listen to sound waves nowadays.


The Doro 1370 mobile phone

A thorough review of the Doro 1370 mobile phone was shared on our community by @Anonymous . Many of our regulars came in to give the well-deserved appraisal and share some insights regarding the device.


Google Pixel 6

Excellent discussion started by @anticpated, which generated a great convo between some of our regular members with some great tips, ponderings and considerations being put back and forth.


The Events


Easter Week 🐣

We celebrated Easter in style this year with a week of topics from both members and the community team. We do similar weeks of content for different times of the year so have a look at what was posted this easter and see if it’s something you’d like to get involved in next time! We had games, movies, food discussions and more!


5 ways to celebrate Earth Day 🌎

Earth day was last month and @lewys-gp shared 5 tips on how you can get involved with the environmental movement in a realistic way (don't go gluing yourself to any petrol tankers) with some easy to pick up tips on helping the environment. Have something not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!


News, Updates and Announcements


What is New?


Volt Megaguide

We now have a home for all questions Volt related on our new volt board and it wouldn’t be complete without a megaguide to cover all your questions! This comprehensive post should cover any questions you have about Volt and how it works! A big thanks to @Chris_K for pulling all this info together.


O2 System Updates - What you need to know

O2 have been busy updating their systems in order to improve the overall customer experience and we have the latest news about the upgrades for you right here on the community! Check out this topic for the details and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!



I hope you enjoyed the recap! 


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And the second-last, or penultimate, item ties in neatly with the second-from-top item:

Clever, that - full-circle! 👍


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Nicely noted @pgn 😁

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Great recap @RafaC  and I enjoyed all of the topics you raised in for April (Particularly the Word Hunt Diamond and the World Unscramble. )

I can't recall this being mentioned for March so I'll make mention of the superb Guide: Roaming MegaGuide by @Chris_K Brilliant piece of work and so helpful with the many queries we have as the holiday season approaches.

I don't have Volt so the Volt Megaguide is particularly helpful to me.

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Great recap, @RafaC 😁.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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Pleased you've enjoyed @Cleoriff and @lewys-gp 😊

Great shout regarding @Chris_K guides @Cleoriff! Credit where credit is due 😉

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