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Phone has a bar on it

Hi we had a bar put on our phones but we paid our bill nearly 36 hours ago and we still can not make a call or send a text

Janice2 by Level 1: Joiner
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Stops on my network

Hello. I cannot log on to my Santander online banking. OTP sent by Santander is not appearing on my screen.

Resolved! Pixel watch 2 LTE

Hi all. My wife is about to purchase a Google pixel watch 2 through Currys and the plan is to move over to O2 in a couple of months for a new pixel phone from vodaphone. Is it possible now to have an O2 ESIM work with the watch as I've seen older com...

I cannot take an incoming call and I cannot type on the numbers pad when making an outbound call

Hi O2 Tech support. Something strange has happened to me that has never happened before and it happened right after I renewed a 24 months contract. I cannot take an incoming call and I cannot type on the numbers pad when making an outbound call. It l...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Confirming location when using Komoot

I use an apps called komoot and strava to navigate. The Oppo is having problems picking up locations when I run the maps in offline mode. This has only been happening lately. Any ideas as how to solve this?

JimTaylor by Level 1: Joiner
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Can't call and receive calls, can't send and receive messages

Hi, I'm abroad in Poland since Saturday. I'm on Pay as you go. My roaming is on but I can't call and receive calls and I can't message and receive messages. I'm staying here for 3 weeks but I can't use my phone. I have done network reset, I tried to ...

Picca by Level 1: Joiner
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I’ve been send emails saying to get in touch to claim a refund as I’ve now left 02 . But when I click the link and try to log intomy 02 app it says I’m not registered ( I guess this is because I’ve left 02 ) so how do I claim the refund please ?? Ann...

Resolved! Apple Watch error code 10

Hello, it’s now been over a week that I haven’t had any cellular connection on my watch. ive called o2 maybe 6/7 times now.from these forums I’ve worked out that all O2 need to do is reset the E sim on my phone.ive been told three times now that they...

Ackroyd by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Apple Watch Ultra airtime plan activation

Trying to link up Apple Watch with o2 but keep getting an error code 108. This has been with the technical team for 2 weeks now and still nothing. I’m so frustrated and really don’t know what to do. Have followed the Apple Watch activation guide but ...

Hdjshdjdb by Level 1: Joiner
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