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Port in failed

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Last week I initiated a port in. For some reason this port failed and this is still showing in progress. 
I have contacted support through chat last Thursday and they are telling me that it it has been escalated and may take 5-10 days. 
Does anyone know how this can be actioned sooner as my old line will be disconnected tomorrow as I am leaving the company I work for and I will be without a number that I have had for nearly 20 years. 
This is my number that I use for all my two factor authentication so it is critical I do not lose.

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You wont be able to speed up the process as o2 need to liase with the network that owns your number, and that can take upto 14days.. 


I would speak to your employer and ask them if they can hold off the disconnection and they should be able to facilitate...  We have done this for our employees before.... 

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This is not customer services and we dont have access to your account
I do not work for o2 or any VMo2 /Telefonica/Liberty Global Company
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