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My phone wont charge and wont turn on

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HI, I've been to see the O2 shop and they couldn't fix my phone and couldn't find a special number on my phone so they gave me a slip of paper which says Samsung stars on it, they told me to look them up online which I did, O2 says that they could come to my house to fix it but these Samsung stars are from lebanon, so how could they possibly come to my house and fix it? You can't expect them to go on a long flight to my house just to fix a phone, that would be unfair on them, I wouldn't if I was in their shoes, so how can you fix my phone? what's my next step? I am still under contract so I am paying for something that won't charge and wont turn on because it's a dead battery

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Contact Samsung for help Help & Contact | Samsung United Kingdom

Or O2 repairs Device repairs | Help & Support | O2

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