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My PAC transfer to O2 is still not complete after 7 days!

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Until a week ago, I was a customer of Tesco Mobile which uses O2 as a carrier. My phone is an iPhone 15 with an eSIM. Initially I had problems registering with O2 as it required that I use an email address for my contract which is not my regular address. Eventually, my registration was complete and I received a new phone number direct to my eSIM. I have received a PAC number from Tesco Mobile and O2 are using this. So far, after five phone calls to customer services, my phone number has not been transferred. My Tesco Mobile Contract has ceased and my old number fails to connect if dialled. My new O2 mobile number is working but I regard it as temporary. Until four days ago customer services reported that the PAC transfer was giving an error. Since yesterday it has been re-initiated and is reported to be “in process“. I am regularly rebooting my phone but there is no change . This is becoming a massive problem for me as I am obviously unable to receive six digit security codes for many of the things for which I have initiated 2 stage authorisation. All customer services have been very pleasant but nobody has been able to provide any solution. This is extremely frustrating. Does anybody have any suggestions?











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Nothing we can de here @Scubascubydoo 

Keep pestering O2. Social media has good reports although a little slow to respond.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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