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Answering 'Security Question' when trying to make phone contact

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My local mast has been down for over ten days now (ever since O2 said it would be having some upgrade!)

As a result I've had cause to seek some help. But I have a problem logging in by phone (landline), when I get asked 'What is the answer to your security question'?

I might well know the answer, but the voice doesn't tell me what the question is in the first place. Given the proliferation of 'Security questions' over the internet as a whole, how am I supposed to remember what the particular question is for O2. The bot needs to specify the question.

It has also become impossible to chat with a real person, and the bot just goes round in circles. Time to change network, perhaps. (Not that that will do anything about the mast).

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You can reset your security question in your MyO2 under Manage your details.

It's something like the name of your first school, first pet, favourite football team etc.

All ways to get help here Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Or report through the My Network app

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