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data usage

i have just added 100mb bolt on 2 days ago because i had used up my data usage. it said i had then used it all up yesterday. can anyone tell me if that is normal?

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Re: data usage

@jozzerkaren You can check your data usage on your MyO2 page. 100mb is a tiny amount and can get used in the blink of an eye these days.


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Re: data usage

@jozzerkaren no one here could know if it was normal for you as everyone has different usage.

You can look in your phone settings to see which apps are using the most data and then you can choose to restrict their access to mobile data if you wish.

Some common apps that use a lot of data are the social media ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They all have the option to restrict the playing of videos when on mobile data so check if they are set to always play, which will very quickly use up 100mb.

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Re: data usage

T this happens all too often, more so with iPhones and the best way of checking is by using the phones data stays. I remember @MI5  had to change network bevan of this phenomenon with the O2's system of recording usage  If you can't see any issue with a rogue app then set your phone data setting to zero so you can compare data usage  to that stated in My O2.