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FAQs: Pay Monthly

Hi all, welcome to the Pay Monthly board! If you are on a Pay Monthly contract or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your q...

Marjo by Former Staff
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got a bill i cant pay in one go...

need help ... recieved a text from o2 saying i was over my 600 mins and my biill stood then at 95.00 (normally £35.00 600 mins unlimited texts) i never go over my mins average usage is 400 mins tho have had to pay for picture messes on 2 occassion. c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Upgrade Early

Hi,Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere.My contract expires in mid-July but my phone is starting to play up. When I last upgraded, after a number of attempts, I managed to get quite a good deal (500 mins, 1000 texts, free Samsung Tocco, £15 a m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Failed Simplicity credit check?

I've been on O2 Pay and Go a few years, I bought an iPhone and wanted to upgrade to simplicity 12 month, I failed the credit check, I thought this odd so tried Orange and got approved for a 3GS without any hassle, however I soon cancelled the order a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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what is the text limit on '02 unlimited'?

i am ready for an upgrade on the iphone and i am considering the iphone simplicity 15 for 300 mins and unlimited texts. the only problem is i beleive that there is a limit on the 'unlimited texts' could anyone tell me the limit on this please? thanks...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Customer service... Is this the best you've got???

On Thursday I ordered myself a lovely new Blackberry from O2, I had a choice of two models, which one I got made little difference to me, so I chose the marginally smaller one, being told it would be despatched and I would have it by 5pm Monday. Sinc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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post codes

they dont except poepole with a post code they say it does not come up on there computer HA HA BT92 0DT SO THEY WONT LET ME HAVE A CONTRACT but i can buy a house or car ect just a joke .only we dont have good coverge of other networks that do have ar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Text and web?

I've been on text and web from almost the beginning when it was £10 for unlimited texts and £15 for unlimited texts and internet but now looking at the payg tariffs it's £10 for 300 texts and unlimited Internet and £15 for 500 texts and unlimited Int...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Trying to get my PUK code?

Hi all. I've been an 02 Pay Monthly customer for a year, before that I was pay & go for 9 years on the same number. Tonight, I blocked my phone by trying to set a pin code and not knowing the old one so thus it blocked. Trying to use 02's online PUK ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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HTC HD2 stock?

I ordered an HTC HD2 last Thursday, as an upgrade, I received an email, thanking me for the order, then one saying it was being processed. The status of the order stayed on "in progress" all that day and all day Friday - I emailed O2 on Sunday only t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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