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World travel

Hi All,

Im traveling around the world for 5 months, lots of different places. What the best thing to do as far as my phone is concerned. Cheapest way to keep using it as i move around.

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Re: World travel

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Hi @Dobby

The best thing to do (if you are eligible) is to get yourself on to O2 Travel Inclusive bolt on.



Free O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone is available with selected phones and tablets on our 4GB, and 15GB and above O2 Refresh tariffs, as well as our £20 and above 12 month sim only tariffs. It’s not available on any other sim only tariff, O2 Refresh tariffs below 4GB, or 5GB and 10GB O2 Refresh tariffs.


Other than that, use WiFi wherever you are to keep in touch with family and friends via Whatsapp, Messenger and Skype

Turn Voicemail off so you aren't charged for incoming calls


A community guide here on O2 Travel Inclusive. https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/O2-Contract-with-O2-Travel-Inclusive-75-Free-Countries-a...

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Re: World travel


Get a World Sim before yoou go https://www.worldsim.com/?___store=gb

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Re: World travel

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Re: World travel

Stay away from o2 abroad my bill was horrendous!!! Vodafone much better rates
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Re: World travel

Not horrendous if you know how to manage your phone when abroad. rolling eyes

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