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Virgin spiralling costs..

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I signed up a Volt contract in September at £25 and a month later it went to £29 due to annual increase. In reality it had been a month. This month December it's £36. No extra charges. It's an all in contract. What the hell is this, it can't be legal. I just want to leave. I get no discount from Virgin TV and broadband that's the same price it was for last few years. I moved this number to O2 because I was told it would get benefits. I get nothing other than me paying the cost of this line contract. Am I missing some Volt benefits? 

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Volt guide here Volt Megaguide 

Regarding the price changes, the annual increase is April so you shouldn't be seeing a price rise now.

This looks like something you’d need to call O2’s customer service team about – give them a call on 202, 0344 809 0202, or specific payment management number 0800 902 0217 / 0800 032 5302

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You don't get a discount, but you should get your BB speed doubled (if your not on the top speed already) and your o2 mobile data should be doubled too @StudioMast 

Not sure why the increase in Sept (annual RPI ones are March/April) so that needs checking.

Were you on a promotional tariff before? Or have another discount like Open?

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Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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