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Upgrade.. that never was?

Hi, just wondered if I could have any help or advise concerning a potential upgrade I feel I was inline for. I had a SMS message from o2 just before Christmas Day just gone to say, if I upgraded to the pro max 12, o2 would pay my remaining contract off and I could upgrade, seeing as I only have a remaining balance of about £300 - And the fact my phone is potentially worth £250+ I thought I’d take them up. I spoke to guys on the customer service team and they said to go into store and proceed with it, seeing as I can recycle my old handset via the phone - I was happy to do this, but when I went into my local store the team told me - ‘we’ve never heard of this SMS you were sent, we no nothing about paying remaining plans off’ - I went back and forth 3-4 times and got no where - my point is I was sent an offer from 02 - a legit offer May I add, as I queried this with the customer service team - and o2 stores couldn’t follow up, any advice?
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Re: Upgrade.. that never was?


Irrespective of what the store said, if the offer was genuine, the system would have cancelled the remaining fees when the new order was processed.

This would have come up automatically on your account.

As most stores are now closed, I would call back to O2 and process the upgrade over the phone.

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