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Upgrade - how long does it take?

Hi advice needed please...I upgraded on 17th Dec in Car phone warehouse. I'm using the new handset with my old SIM as instructed but I'm still getting the same data allowance as my old contract (3GB) whereas new contract and handset (s9) has 16GB...
Anyone know how long it normally takes for changes to update/show in my allowance?
Many thanks in advance
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Re: Upgrade - how long does it take?

@Leeann82 the changes to your tariff should have happened straightaway & your myo2 updated within 24 hours of upgrading. I suggest you call customer service in the morning 



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Re: Upgrade - how long does it take?


I'd guess it was put through as a new contract rather than an upgrade (that's one of their sneaky tricks) so if you were to look at the details for your new SIM you may find your new allowances. 

Check with customer services as to how many contracts you have showing on your account.

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Re: Upgrade - how long does it take?

If they have done it as a new line instead of an upgrade you will also find that you will be charged for both.
Best get into contact as soon as possible.
If you have finished paying for your old device then you can get the number transferred to the new one as well.

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