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Travel Inclusive

Can someone please advise if I need to choose a particular network to connect to when using the Travel Inclusive in the US.  O2 is not showing as an option, but the obvious local networks are (e.g. TMobile, AT&T, Spring, Verizon).  Last time I was here without the Travel Inclusive, my bill was 98GBP, so keen to get the set-up right.

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Re: Travel Inclusive

You just need to connect to a US network. O2 won't show up and you need to use a roaming network. With mobile data and roaming switched on, use auto-select to connect to the strongest network.

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Re: Travel Inclusive


The two most common ones for UK travellers are usually AT+T and T Mobile....

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Re: Travel Inclusive

@HelpPlease You won't be able to connect to Sprint or Verizon. They do not use the GSM network.


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Re: Travel Inclusive

Either AT&T or T-Mobile will work fine for you @HelpPlease

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