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Signal boost

Hi, my problem is lack of signal in my home. I've been ill for 7 months,I've got heart problems, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia plus others so I'm at home 99% of the time. After speaking to O2 a number of times with no results I bought an O2 boost box from Ebay. Mechanically its working fine but the problem is O2 won't register it because I don't have a business account. They won't let me transfer to a business account and pay more or register the box which would solve the problem. I've been offered a £5 reduction from my bills as they can see the problem but that still doesn't give me a signal. I'm single,I don't have a landline upstairs and its scary when I'm in bed poorly not to mention the effect the stress has on my health. This is ridiculous, so inflexible and no regard for my wellbeing. Any ideas anyone........
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Re: Signal boost

I had a similar issue with signal within my home, 02 constantly telling me its due to lead lining within my walls...... If that were the case not a single person would get a signal in my home yet they do just people on 02, like myself and son who get no or very low signal. 02 refused to give me a booster box due to being a personal customer and like yourself also refused to let me move the account to a business as I dont actually own a business... Its very frustration when you are in a position where either you're alone or have people, like children, who depend on you and could call at any given time or the school calls. There has been many times when my child's school have rang me but due to signal issues I've not had anything till hours later...
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Re: Signal boost

The only solution I can see for you both is to switch network
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Re: Signal boost

@Duped @Dobs The other alternative is to purchase phones that enable WiFi calling, but again, O2 isn't the best choice of network for that. Take a look at this link: https://www.simsherpa.com/networks/best-wifi-calling?accept-cookies#ok


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Re: Signal boost

O2 don't offer wifi 4g calling in my home and I'm now locked into a contract. I'll be complaining to Ofcom as I feel O2 is being unreasonable.
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Re: Signal boost

With regards to not having a landline upstairs, you can purchase a dual phone and put one upstairs. No wiring required and you can pick one up from Argos or Tesco for around £20.


Not a solution but it may give you peace of mind due to your health issue.